Judging and Festivities

Tue, 2015-05-12 20:40 -- Jessie MacAlpine


That was the sound that reverberated through the exhibit hall today at 5pm as judging for CWSF 2015 came to a close. Students spent a long and exciting day sharing their research and innovation with over 350 judges and it was safe to say that they were happy to be finished. All day the exhibit hall had been a flurry of activity as excellence and special awards were decided, official photographs were taken and ambassadors ensured each student had a positive judging experience. Each of the finalists saw at least five judges and some saw upwards of 15 depending on their eligibility for special awards. Stay tuned for the results being released after the Awards Ceremony on Friday, May 15! Until then we will wait in anticipation to find out the big winners! 

After judging finished, finalists got the chance to relax at the Fredericton Festival in Boyce Farmer’s Market. It was another super busy evening filled with bouncy obstacle races, Oblek pools of non-Newtonian fluid, a rockin’ live band and DJ and carnival games! Students were able to try all sorts of different foods from a variety of vendors, including 'Tacos-in-a-bag,' samosas, smoothies, poutine and mini-doughtnuts. The woodfire-grilled pizzas were particularly popular, including a taste of local fiddleheads and other New Brunswick produce. In a carnival style, students tried deep-fried mars bars and all sorts of delicious treats as they watched inflatable jousting. Adjacent to the buzzing market was Science East, an old jail that has been converted into a science centre. In the discovery yard, students were able to play lifesize chess or try out some astronuat training in a large gyroscope. Rock climbing, balance beams and jungle gyms covered the yard and inside students were able to visit a basement museum incorporating the old jail cells and interactive science exhibits with a focus on Atlantic innovation. It was a fantastic and super fun way to learn some cool, local science. 

The sun finally made an appearance after a day of rain and students were in incredibly high spirits with the pressure of judging coming to an end and the promise of full-day tours of New Brunswick tomorrow. In the morning, finalists and delegates will leave on four different tours going to various parts of the province and details will follow in tomorrow’s blog. It will be an exciting day! The Fredericton Forecast is calling for a high of 13 degrees and overcast skies so remember to bring a jacket or hoody as you explore the local area tomorrow to stay warm. After dinner, delegations will also have a free evening to explore local Fredericton and get a better taste of our amazing host city for 2015. 

Today’s fun fact about New Brunswick is that 80% of the province is covered in forests, which makes it no surprise that over 500 000 Christmas trees are harvested here each year! 

Check out some photos from the day posted below and have a relaxing evening in the delegate and finalist lounges; you deserve it after all of the hard work you put into judging! Enjoy your tours tomorrow and remember to share you photos with #CWSF to enter into the Photo Challenge and see your memories shared later on during the fair. Show us your most creative and exciting photos! Well done to all of the finalists, your projects looked and sounded amazing today!